10,000,000 views for your website real web traffic 10 000 000 + Live stats

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10,000,000+ Visitors for your website + Live Stats

“Without advertising, I would be a millionaire “J.P. Getty – Billionaire

You want to have more visitors on your website? Let promotion, or make just known? Then read on here, because here you are exactly right. We assume that for you.

You are bidding on 10,000,000 visitors for your site. We offer you the option of entering several sites in parallel, so as to distribute the 10,000,000 visitors to several websites. You determine the number and distribution. Pro website, you can specify how many hits the site max. per hour and max. should receive per day. So you can use the visitors over a longer period. It is also possible to make your web pages show only within a certain period each day. For example, 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.. These opportunities offer very few vendors.

We focus on quality and offer you quality traffic. With us you get a reload-locked 3 hours. That is, every member of us gets your page within the reload lock displayed. It makes no sense one of our members to make your page more than once per minute to show. Other suppliers have no reload lock.

Your page will be displayed for 20 seconds and in just one window. Other vendors have multiple windows and shorter display times. This page is your perceived better with us.

We are one of the largest suppliers and provide a day more than 10,000,000 visitors for our members and sponsors. Have a look at our stats at any time on our website are live cost.

You can use your 10,000,000 visitors for more of your projects. That’s our strength, because other vendors only have a website is partially allowed.

After purchase and payment, you will get a special access to our website, where you enter yourself your web pages and even can make any adjustment. Your access is available anytime a 30 days live statistics to track the progress of your campaigns. The operation is very simple and we can assist with the registration or make the settings for you. Please contact us for further information.

Requirements for Your Website

Your website should meet the following requirements, which we check thoroughly before each entry

  • Your page has a maximum of 2 popups size are allowed to open, regardless of the open or close when your website open.
  • Your site must not have any frame breakers.
  • Your site may have no illegal content. We checked in advance on politics, pornography, weapons, violence, especially the glorification of violence, drugs criminally relevant content, including insults, generally illegal or third party rights. G end content, we can not publish. Erotic content, however, are allowed, but only between 22:00 pm and 6:00 am will be marketed.
  • There are no rotating systems allowed

Only way to achieve a very high quality. If you are not sure whether your site meets the requirements, you must contact us. Emails are always answered within 24 hours.


  • 10,000,000 visitors for your site
  • 3 hours Reload lock
  • several websites registrable
  • maximum hours limit
  • maximum daily limit
  • Limitation to specific times
  • 30 days Live In personal access
  • Campaigns can stop, edit, and run any time
  • Adult possible
  • You will receive an invoice in your name with VAT,
  • With questions we help you free

Please note the following:

Please make sure that your current address on ebay is deposited. Ebay bids are legally binding. In unreliable bidders ebay provides for the exclusion of ebay. For more information read the conditions ebay If you have questions about the product or the end, then you send us before delivery of the order an e-mail.

Buyers and sellers receive from ebay an e-mail with all personal data, such as e-mail, address, etc. After purchase, you will receive an instant email with a link that takes you to our service page. There you can change your delivery address or a post us. You can also call our bank data and remove any other information on the purchase. Please do not delete this email and follow the instructions. The link being sent can be opened safely. We hereby confirm that has the generated by us e-mail viruses or other harmful content.

If our e-mail fail, should especially GMX, web, t-online or AOL customers sometimes look in their spam folder if our email has not been moved there.

Should you not receive e-mail within 12 hours after purchase, please send an e-mail.

Increase in several of our auctions, a common transport is not a problem. Pay only once the shipping specified.

Please do not give hasty negative feedbacks from. If it has sometimes not perfectly folded, allows the safe clarify! Please send an e-mail.

Our system will automatically evaluated after you gave us positive feedback. Would you not be evaluated by their own anonymity, you need do nothing further.

Have a look at our other offers. Maybe there’s one or the other of interest to you.

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