Fully Stocked ROLEX WATCHES Website Business|FREE Domain|FREE Hosting|Traffic

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Get Rich Without Going To Work!

Fully Stocked ROLEX WATCHES Website Business|FREE Domain|FREE

Top Rated Ebay Seller
Social Media Integration
Hidden Costs – Never!!!
24/7 Support 365 Days A Year
Money In The Bank!
Run A Successful Amazon Business In Your Spare Time!

A Fully Stocked Work From Home Business That Updates Product Prices And Stock Levels Automatically


Fully Stocked ROLEX WATCHES Website Business|FREE Domain|FREE

"Our Clients Are Reporting Fantastic Returns"
Kara From Florida Purchased A Pet Supplies Shop In October 2017
 Ben Started A Home Brewing Website In February 2018
We've Rolled Back Prices!  Now Only $37.00 For A Limited Time Only!!! – Soon That Goes Up To $57.00!  NO JOKE!

Its 2018 And Its Never Been A Better Time Then RIGHT NOW To Join The Amazon Affiliate Revolution!  Double Or Even Triple Your Income This Year – The Opportunity Of A Lifetime.

We Are "Great To Work With" And "Highly Recommended"
All Our Websites Are Unique – No 2 Sites Are The Same Ever!!

Hello – My name is Claire and in 2010 I lost my job due to a work related injury. Luckily I had a great boyfriend at the time (now husband) and he took good care of me and supported me financially which was not easy.

​​​​​​​At this time my boyfriend was a video animator (he still is) and I had no computer skills whatsoever, he persuaded me to attend a couple of workshops run by a well known internet entrepreneur and he also bought me a few courses on making money online.  

Over the next 18 months I tried many different things such as buying cheap products and reselling them, craigslist marketing etc.  Unfortunately non really worked for me – I made a little bit of money but my boyfriend was still the main "earner" and supporting me big time financially.

It was 2012 and I had heard good things about the Amazon Affiliate Program and lets be honest who has not heard of Amazon!  So I thought yes give that a try.  

So I bought a couple of websites and tried to get them to work. I made some money – maybe a good month was $200.00 from both the sites – still nowhere near what I wanted to be earning.

It was also around this time my now husband ­čÖé was producing a video series for an affiliate marketer who had sold $$$ MILLIONS worth of products for clients around the world – purely with websites.  With a lot of wrangling and ahem begging my husband got me some much needed facetime with Mark.

What he showed me simply blew my mind.  He literally turned my online business upside down and one website that earned $200 per month started to earn upwards of $5,000 PER MONTH using his advice and guidance.

Thanks to Marks advice we now have a great lifestyle and I am well on my way to a yearly income of $150k Per Year.  

Thanks to Mark but more importantly thanks to my Husband (Darren) for sticking with me and my dreams. This year I plan to buy him his dream car with CASH only. When I do I will ask him to make a video of it :).

This Is What You Will Get

A 100% Uniquely Designed Website just for you.  We will pay for your domain name and it will be registered in your name meaning you are the legal owner.  

Your website also comes with SOCIAL MEDIA INTEGRATION – this means you can link products on your website to Facebook etc – essential for making money.

We will then show you how to apply for the Amazon Affiliate Account – this is important you must apply because it requires your own personal details and security.  Please do not share this information with anyone as it can cost you missed sales on your website.

We will then fill your website with products with a stock value of at least $50,000 – GUARANTEED!  We will also make sure the products are COMPETITIVELY PRICED so customers will come back again and again.

This stock is from fully authorised Amazon Suppliers.  When a buyer comes to your website and makes a purchase not only are you stocking the most competetively priced products on the market but your buyers are also buying from Amazon one of the most trusted sellers on the Internet!  Your only job is to collect the commission – nothing else!

It is the Amazon supplier that deals with the order – takes payment – processes delivery and deals with any customer questions.

At the end of each month Amazon will pay you between 4% and 8% of EVERYTHING SOLD on your site.  But thats not all – if the buyer also purchased something on Amazon after going to your website you will also make commission on any additional items they buy from Amazon!  How good is that!!!

You do not need any knowledge of running a website or programming skills to make this work for you.  I started my voyage in 2010 and to this day I cannot program in HTML or any other computer languages.

I have though figured out how to work the hours I want to work from any location.  Yes this can be done anywhere in the world.  I have put a lot of hard work in the past 6 years and especially in the last 18 months to get to where I am today and I can offer you an opportunity to copy my success.  There are literally thousands of niches you can exploit – far to many for just me and my husband to target.

Take a giant step and do something extraordinary TODAY and join us.

Fully Stocked ROLEX WATCHES Website Business|FREE Domain|FREE

The Questions You Should Be Asking Us

How You Earn $£
Technical Skills
Website Name
Order Process
On-Going Fees?
Getting Indexed
Work Anywhere
Your Own Products
Refund Policy
Selling Your Website
Join the BEST!
Own Hosting – No Problem

How You Earn $£

Technical Skills

Website Name

Order Process

On-Going Fees?


Getting Indexed

Work Anywhere



Your Own Products

Refund Policy

Selling Your Website

Join the BEST!

Own Hosting – No Problem

How You Make Your Money

During the order process we will show you how to signup to the Free Amazon Associates Website.  We will then place your Amazon affiliate codes onto the website for you.  

From this moment on every sale on your website will collect you a commission of between 4% and 8% with payment made every 30 days.

You will be really suprised how quickly this can add up – the best part being your shop is open 24/7 365 days a year!

No Technical Skills Required

As long as you can login to your Amazon associates account to check your commissions then you have the technical skills required to operate the website.  You do not need any HTML or programming skills.

Free Domain Name

We will pay for your domain name – registered in your name and 100% legally yours.  You will be able to renew the domain every year for a small fee (approx $16.50 per annum)

So What Happens When Somebody Buys From The Website?

A buyer will place an order on the website and you have to do absolutely nothing.  Amazon and their supplies will handle the order / take payment and deliver the item.  They will deal with any customer service or questions.

You will then collect a commission of between 4% and 8% of the sale price of ALL items they purchased on Amazon – not just the item from your shop but ALL items in their Amazon shopping cart.  This adds up really quickly.

A Genuine 100% Unrivalled Unlimited Earnings Golden Opportunity

Ongoing Costs – Hosting

Our hosting is from $9 per month or you can opt to pay yearly and receive a 3 month discount. 

We do not do contracts – there are no tie-ins or minimum terms.  You can come and go as you please – we are so confident that your financial returns will be so good you will want to stay with us.

Live Website Inside Of 24 Hours

From placing your order with us we aim to get your website online within 24 hours.  

Into Google In 3 Days!

Your website is just the start of your online business.  Getting indexed is important as its the only way to get organic traffic to your website.

We specialise in getting websites indexed FAST – In some instances less then 24 hours from start to finish.

We do not know anyone else offering this service that can do this "in-house".

Works From Anywhere In The World

Do you have access to a comuter or the internet?  If you do then you can operate this business.  All you need to do is check into your Amazon affiliate account to see how much money you have earned – it could be $10 or it could be $100+++


I have worked on this for years now and I know what works and I am willing to show you how to do this.

Be aware that new websites need promotion.  We show you how to do this for free and with paid for software.

Its all in our promotions bonus – EXCLUSIVE for our clients only.


The easy answer is yes you can have either a UK or USA site.  What this means is if you go for a USA site we will use the Amazon.com affiliate and all items will ship from the USA.

If you wanted a UK site we would use Amazon.co.uk and items would ship from the UK.

Can I add my own products?

Yes you can add your own products to the site.  We can configure the site to collect paypal payments and you will get paid direct to your paypal account.


We offer a no quibble full money back guarantee for 30 days on all our websites.  We are so confident you will love our websites we guarantee your satisfaction.

Sell Your Website

We can show you where you can sell your website for 6x – 10x times the monthly profit it is making. 

If your website is making just $200 per month we can show you where to flip this site for $1200 – $2000

We can also email existing clients to see if they would also like to purchase the site from you.

Join The Best!

We are the longest serving number one seller on Ebay for Websites – our new affiliate websites are a product of 8+ years hard work – so you dont have to.

Own Hosting?

We will for a small fee build the website on your own hosting.  We will then setup in full the website and provide 30 days of support for the website.

Fully Stocked ROLEX WATCHES Website Business|FREE Domain|FREE

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Fully Stocked ROLEX WATCHES Website Business|FREE Domain|FREE


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