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Package Details:

1.      Specified amount of Instagram Service on post of your choice

2.      No Refill Guarantee if Drop

3.      Satisfaction Guarantee from instaservices



1.      Make sure your profile is public!!!

2.      When you purchase your specified amount, please provide links to the profile in the additional comments section.

3.      Once I receive the order, I try to start fulfilling in 24 hours.

4.      Once your order is marked as shipped, I will provide you a transaction code. If you have any questions or concerns about that item, please provide your transaction code for speedy responses.

5.      Once marked shipped, the order will fill in 24 hours. Larger orders or busy servers can delay the order. If you do not see it in 72 hours of being marked as shipped, please contact us immediately.

6.      If you are happy with what you received, please provide us with a good review!